If It Ends in ‘Y’, Then You Can Do Something: Why Mid-Week Getaways are the Best Kind of Getaway

If you’re fortunate enough to have mid-week weekends, or perhaps retirement means your on permanent holiday. Then you need to discover the benefits of the mid-week escape.


Getaways shouldn’t be just for special occasions or the ‘traditional’ holiday periods. You can take an escape any time of the year. And if you’re retired, you can go anytime of the week too! How wonderful is that?!


If you’ve been dreaming of exploring the wonderful world around us, but never found the time in years past, then it is time to put your retirement freedom into action. Plus, getting out of town during the mid-week has dozens of perks.


Don’t Fight the Traffic

Mid-week getaway - Red Rock on Booie Weekday specials

Driving to your destination of choice? Leave after peak hour when all those poor suckers are commuting to work and you’ll have yourself a clean clear run out of town, straight to relaxationville.


Think of the most popular weekend and holiday destinations near you. Think about the nightmare of getting there after 3 pm on a Friday, or getting home on a Sunday afternoon. An hour trip quickly becomes two, even three. Dread. The thought is gross enough to turn you off even going in the first place.


If you’ve never had the chance to get there on a weekday due to work commitments, and no, school holiday weekdays don’t count. Then you are in for a treat. At worst there is traffic heading towards the city from new arrivals. But the drag out of town is free and easy, people are sensible because there’s not traffic grinding their gears.


So queue your favour album and cruise on.


Cheap Flights

Want to go further? Mid week flights oMid-week getaway - Red Rock on Booie Weekday specialsut of the city are notoriously cheap. Even the well-worn path from Melbourne to Sydney sees declines in flight prices midweek.


But don’t stop at the big lights, find the rural airports you’d never bother to drive to and get there.


Want to explore the South Burnett, the wine and food region of South East Queensland? Fly straight to Kingaroy. The heart of the South Burnett region. What a dream.


Hotel Room Deals

Gosh darn, it looks like you’ve found yourself a trend here. During the week everything vacation and relaxation is discounted!


At Red Rock on Booie in the South Burnet region, you can score yourself a cabin at a wonderful <href=”https://www.redrockonbooie.com.au/specials/”>special discounted rate for three nights.


And we’re not the only ones, all over the country, you’ll find discounts on spectacular accommodation.


Crowds Calm Down

Deck View - Kingaroy Cottages - Redrock on Booie

Oh boy, if there’s one thing about going away during the holiday seasons, it’s the crowds. It’s like everyone has the same idea as you… Well, that and they’re extremely limited in the times they can get away from work.


Everyone’s out to have a good time and explore the most beautiful places they can find. Unfortunately, crowds can quickly ruin the sanctity and sanctuary of a place.


Relaxing beach escape? Not so relaxing when kids are throwing sand overhead and screaming to high heaven. Oh, and God forbid you don’t want to spend half an hour searching for a park.


Thankfully, at Red Rock on Booie, even during peak holiday periods, there is space enough for everybody to relax in tranquillity.


Nevertheless, our weekday cabin rates aren’t something to shy away from. So, if you’ve got all the time in the world at your fingertips, why not make the most of every minute?!


We’ll see you next Wednesday, over-looking the Booie Range from you luxury private cabin.




“What a wonderful place. This equals the best we have ever seen, and we’ve been everywhere!”

“Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful touches-love the red bath mat!”

“We’ll be back! You have thought of everything”

‘‘Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven. We just don’t want to leave!”

“Congratulations! Well done – what a beautiful addition to the South Burnett”

Hi Neil & Jan, just wanted to say a very big thank you. We had a wonderful few days at Redrock on Booie, your attention to detail is spot on and we will certainly be back again, but we won’t leave it 5 years this time, keep doing what you do, you do it very well, congratulations! Thanks again.

“We’ll tell all our friends! You’ll be seeing us again!”