A Guide to Choosing Winter Accommodation: 6 Things to Look Out For

The air atop the hills of Booie, in the South Burnett region, is getting crisper by the day. The jumpers and scarfs are making a return, and soon we’ll have the fires crackling. It is the perfect weather for getting cosy, snuggling up with a book and that special someone.

If you’re thinking of getting a head start on cuddle season with a romantic escape, here are some tips to choosing the right accommodation.


1. Winter Friendly Activities

A place with a view - Australian busland retreat - RedRock on Booie South Burnett

Any trip, long or short, it is always more memorable when you experience something new. Exploring the new world around you fills you with a sense of accomplishment.

In some parts of the world, where the winters are longer and much much colder, the array of winter activities is mind boggling. You can go dogsledding, or jump from steaming Swedish sauna to a freezing lake.

Unfortunately, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything quite like this in Australia. And definitely not with-in a few hours drive from Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.

While the South Burnett doesn’t boast puffy snow-covered mountainsides, ice fishing, or skijoring (which is essentially water skiing, but on snow, oh and you’re being towed by a horse). The lush bushlands around RedRock on Booie are beautiful to explore in the cool crisp air of a Queensland winter.


2.Picnic Hamper cheese and wine - RedRock on Booie South Burnett Space for Relaxation

One of the best things about a winter escape is the way time can kind of slow down. Almost like the cool air itself is holding onto time. Leaving you plenty of room to relax and enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing.

The RedRock on Booie cottages are the perfect place to do nothing at all, with absolutely no interference from anyone.

Cuddle up with a book in bed, rug up on the love seat, sip mulled wine on the deck. Nothing but the sound of nature to calm you.



3. A Place with a View

When relaxation is the name of the game, then staring out into the magnificence of mother nature’s creations is a must. Choosing accommodation with a view from the inside, especially the bedroom makes all the difference.


4. Self-Contained Spaces

When you want to nothing but relax, then you don’t really want to go all that far to do something. Choosing self-contained accommodation, a space with a private bathroom and kitchen is just what you need.

Don’t feel like cooking at all? Let the friendly team organise a hamper with a selection of local produce for you, delivered to your door.


5. A Fire Place

If there is one thing every winter escape destination needs it is a fireplace. The warm essential, the crackling sounds a soothing bonus. Not to mention the toasting of marshmallows, a treat for the young at heart.

Winter escape must haves - fire place and a book - escape to RedRock on Booie South Burnett

At RedRock on Booie, all our beautiful cottages have their own private fireplaces.


6. A Spa Bath

Nothing says relaxation like a spa bath. Even those lucky enough to have a bath at home usually don’t have time to use it. So when you are choosing a winter relaxation escape then make sure you’re picking accommodation with spa bath. You won’t regret it.

Winter in Queensland, isn’t quite the snowy wonderland of other countries. However, the cool crisp air is certainly a refreshing change. An escape to the hills of the South Burnett Region is the perfect destination for a winter relaxation. We’re just a stone’s throw from Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, so book your next retreat today.


“We’ll be back! You have thought of everything”

Hi Neil & Jan, just wanted to say a very big thank you. We had a wonderful few days at Redrock on Booie, your attention to detail is spot on and we will certainly be back again, but we won’t leave it 5 years this time, keep doing what you do, you do it very well, congratulations! Thanks again.

“Congratulations! Well done – what a beautiful addition to the South Burnett”

“What a wonderful place. This equals the best we have ever seen, and we’ve been everywhere!”

‘‘Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven. We just don’t want to leave!”

“Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful touches-love the red bath mat!”

“We’ll tell all our friends! You’ll be seeing us again!”